MONUMENTA is an urban non-profit organization for the protection of the natural and architectural heritage of Greece and Cyprus. It was created in 2006. Its actions include interventions for the protection of monuments, historic buildings and the landscape, research and educational programs and information and awareness activities. The company currently coordinated by four members partners (Irini Gratsia / archeologist-coordinator, Stelios Lekakis / archaeologist, Elias Mavroeidis / chemical engineer, Katerina Chatzikonstantinou / architect), who meet periodically and decide on policy and actions.​

Monumenta < from L. monumentum < monere = remind, warn
Nature, everywhere and always.
Single architectural works and complexes,
evidences of a particular civilization, a historic event,
great and modest works of the past which have acquired cultural significance with the passing of time.
Because in Greece and Cyprus nature and the architectural heritage
are unique and bind in harmony;
meanwhile their distortions are great and irreversible
and the threat exists.
Unaware of their beauty and significance,
ignorant, indifferent, passively taking part in their destruction.
Being responsible is important;
taking action is important.
Momenta < from L. momentum = movement, moving power
as in taking action for monuments at risk
as a moment of our time is enough to alter things
Nous< Greek νοῦς=mind, the intellect, mental activities, perception, reason, common sence, the sences...

MONUMENTA's first action was the publication of an electronic magazine.
A team of archaeologists, architects from Greece and Cyprus involved directly or not with the natural, architectural, and cultural heritage, join their forces and create a non profit civil company and edit an e-magazine, which aims at the awareness, protection, proper management and enhancement of the natural and architectural heritage of Greece and Cyprus.
The Company was created in 2006. The magazine’s vision, goals, characteristics, identity, topics, name, layout and so on were gradually established to form what was launched on Friday 2nd of March 2007.