MONUMENTA's free access e-zine was launched in March 2007. Six issues with over 200 articles have been published to date.
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Εξώφυλλο 2ου τεύχους, Γιώργου Καραηλία
Εξώφυλλο 2ου τεύχους, Γιώργου Καραηλία


MOnuMENTA’s second issue is a fact! When we began our effort for the publication of an e-journal for the monuments of the natural and built environment of Greece and Cyprus, we were expecting that every three months a new issue would be at our readers and on-line visitors’ disposal. Everyday issues and the development of MOnuMENTA altered the route of our planning. Our desire to keep themes going, the activities undertaken and the time that flows like water are some of the reasons that caused our second issue to come out after ten months. However, our aim is to manage to publish three issues per year.

There were many changes during that period. Changes in the journal’s team, in its form in order to be more effective and lively, in its goals. New partners from diverse backgrounds joined MOnuMENTA in order to cover more -especially environmental- thematics. A new front page was added prior to the issues that shall provide information, news-feed and the new articles added to each issue, while at the same time it shall make our communication with you immediate. Voting on polls for current issues and forumenta shall be our means of co-operation.

The actions and activities undertaken during this period brought the public closer while raising awareness for the monuments became direct. Thus, MOnuMENTA decided to expand its activities. It has been operating the programme: “Local Communities & Monuments”, participating in the movement of the inhabitants of Kerameikos, Metaxourgeio and Psurri for the protections and enhancement of their areas and supporting the environmental activities of the New Filadelpheia municipality. The 32.000 on-line visitors in those ten months, the perspectives and the proposals as stated through the journal’s questionnaire reveal that our endeavour should be continued, dynamic and focused.

The thematic of the second issue is The Power of Water. We have chosen a popular subject, information for which is everywhere. However, we believe that it is a vital issue and MOnuMENTA will contribute its best so that water’s sustainable management would become a common practise. We have chosen the motto “Act for Water” that will follow every activity, demonstration or publication of the journal and will remind the need for protection of that invaluable good.

The articles in the second issue are multiple and they present the multifaceted importance of water together with the major problems encountered. In this issue, we co-operated with the Mediterranean Information Office (MIO-ECSDE), a stakeholder with significant participation in water related issues. Kind regards owed to its chairman, Prof. Michalis Skoullos and his partners for their articles and consultation.

Concluding, we should mention that the cover of the second issue has been created  by its readersGiorgos Karailias’ photograph is one of the many that were sent and are presented in the “Artistic Views” section. And something special! Poems were written for the Power of the Water. Two young poets, Elsa Korneti and Lambros Lazos have sent their poems depositing their thoughts and feelings for the water.

Together with the publication of the second issue, our activities for water commence. MOnuMENTA awaits (as always) for your help, especially for monuments at risk issues!!!