MONUMENTA's free access e-zine was launched in March 2007. Six issues with over 200 articles have been published to date.
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The third issue of MOnuMENTA is dedicated to two thematics, biodiversity and interculturalism. Their major importance for the continuation of life but also for the harmonious and qualitative co-existence in the planet is well-known to everyone, however both face acute problems. The dramatic reduction of biodiversity and the lack of respect for others, and in general to whoever differs, undermine those values. In our country the problems are complex and we hope that information via articles, news and related activities will contribute in the change of attitude but also in the undertaking of immediate action from all of us.By the time the 

Convention on Biological Diversity was adopted by a large number of countries at the Summit Conference in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, the term was spread out and the preservation of biodiversity henceforth interests all of us, mainly because its reduction, is the result of our human activity. The environment, which is considered as an inexhaustible resource with sole purpose to serve the desire for human development, can no longer maintain in balance the sensitive ecosystems that sustain the whole natural construction. Thus, man who seems to have learned to leave space only for himself must take immediate steps of action ... The European Commission has set a target to halt biodiversity loss in Europe by 2010, the year set by the United Nations as International Year of Biodiversity. In Greece, despite the signing and ratification of international conventions, we still lack the full legal framework for the protection of protected areas Natura 2000.



The region of Ileia in Peloponnese after the fires of 2007The need for drafting a national strategy for the conservation of biodiversity, for inventoring our ecosystems and implementing management plans, must be a priority, especially when the Special Framework Plan for Tourism is promoted.Recognizing that our societies today are intercultural, and therefore more vulnerable, the European Union has designated 2008 as the Year of Intercultural Dialogue

. In a world that the citizens mobility is facilitated more than ever, ideas and perceptions travel, creating new ethics. A key element of respect of interculturalism is the protection and enhancement of monuments left behind as a trail of different populations, such as religious monuments.Diverse and numerous articles can be found in this issue. The authors address many of the parameters of the two themes, travelling in the magical world of many species, multicultural cities but also mentioning the major problems in ghettos. Poems are written especially for the 3rd issue by Elsa Korneti and Lambros Lazos. Also, it is great honour for us to present works of the painter Paul Soulikias. Our cover page is the result of the photographs sent by friends of the magazine.MOnuMENTA, parallel to the continuous updating and renewal of its issues, gradually expands its activity aiming at more dynamic interventions, as was the participation both in an appeal to the Council of the State for not demolishing the two buildings behind the new Acropolis Museumand an objection not to proceed to the amendment of the urban plan of the city of Athens in Pagkrati Park. We have also sent letters to the competent bodies in cases of destructions and deterioration of monuments (i.e for the buildings in Dion. Areopagitou, changes in the traditional village of Halki Naxos etc.), created carte postales with eight of Naxos' monuments at risk and addressed them to the Minister of Culture, etc. It is amazing how in our country day by day our natural and architectural heritage is under threat. The proposed by the Ministry of Environment, Urban Planning and Public works, Special Framework Plan for Tourism confirms these assumption, or rather the reality.The protection of biodiversity and respect for the monuments of intercultural societies is therefore the objective of MOnuMENTA which ask, as always, your cooperation in cases of their destruction and alteration.


For this issue we chose the motto «Act for Νature», that will accompany every action and publication of the e-magazine.