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The new issue is devoted to Transportation, to the movement of people and goods from one place to the other, in other words to travel and trade, both activities deeply related with human history and development. Our choice covers once again many fields and approaches interdisciplinary the issues of protection of architecture and nature, that interest us.

Transportation has no spatial restrictions! Modes of transport include land, sea or air and require the existence of infrastructure, thus allowing us to refer to roads and facilities that set the scenery with their construction and their history. Roads for people and goods that were carried by animals or wheeled vehicles, railways, roads, sea routes, ports, airports, pipelines ... We can also speak about cities which, due to their geographical position, were strongly influenced by their commercial activities.

Nevertheless in our time when talking about transport we can not overlook the negative impact on the environment, since it consumes a large percentage of the total world electricity, emits pollutants, especially CO2, thus contributing to global warming and to the rising of the temperature. Moreover, in cities that constantly expand, but also in the countryside, the creation of infrastructure for transport "consumes" land, and in many cases threatens areas with sensitive ecosystems and architectural monuments. Everyone of us, when moving from one place to the other, especially when using a private vehicle or the airplane, increases significantly its ecological footprint on the planet.