Event: Recording the buildings of Piraeus, 22/05/2024

MONUMENTA having registered a significant number of buildings in the 2nd Municipal Community of the Municipality of Piraeus and collected numerous testimonies, and in the context of highlighting the project to the local community it implements, is organizing the evening "Recording the buildings of Piraeus", on Wednesday 22 May 2024, at 6pm, at the Ionideios School (Sotiros Dios 17, Piraeus), in which the first results of the building registration program of the period 1835-1940 will be presented.

Event program

18.00     Greetings

Evangelia George, director of the Ionideu School of Piraeus

18.15     Speeches

The program of MONUMENTA "Recording and highlighting the buildings of the 19th and 20th centuries in Piraeus"

Irini Gratsia, coordinator of MONUMENTA

Recording with students

Nota Koulouriotou, philologist of the Ionideios School

The architecture of Piraeus 184-1940

Stamatina Malikoutis, architect, scientific manager of the program

19.15     Discussion-Collection of oral testimonies

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