MONUMENTAS's Seminar"Protection of Historic Buildings at Risk"

MONUMENTA is organising a series of seminars and guided tours with the aim of getting to know the buildings of the interwar period, which are in danger, and the ways in which citizens can contribute to their protection.

The first seminar on "Protection of historic buildings at risk", which will be held on 13 June (17.30-20.30) and 15 June 2024 (11.00-14.00), includes a) a three-hour lecture on the risks faced by buildings of the 19th and 20th century, the causes of the risks, the periods of demolitions, the legislative framework for protection, the ways of intervention and activation of the citizens, b) a three-hour guided tour of buildings of the interwar period,

The lecture that will be given at the MONUMENTA site (Pallados 21, Psirri) and the guided tour will be conducted by the archaeologist and coordinator of MONUMENTA, Mrs. Irini Gratsia. The tour will start at the junction of Skaramangas and Patision 61 streets.


Cost: 20,00 (15,00 MONUMENTA members and volunteers)

Payment: by 10/6/2024

Deposit to the current bank account at Piraeus Bank

IBAN GR96 0171 6290 0066 2910 4961 085

Via Paypal by clicking on the link

Information: 6973 308857